4 Row x 5 Pusher Easy-Stak™ Rack with Locking Doors


Display Capacity: 200 packs

Height: 4 Rows High

Width: 5 Pushers Across

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This Easy-Stack rack is designed to hold up to 200 packs of tobacco products. With its modular design the first row incorporates our Easy-Slide adjustable pusher trays to allow for an easy fit of other tobacco products. Along with 3 additional rows of pull out pusher trays for cigarettes and a locking door. Perfect for places with space constraints.

Key Features:
– Top Cover, Side and Back Panels
– Locking Doors
– 1 Row of Easy-Slide™ Adjustable Width Pusher Trays for Other Tobacco Products
– 3 Rows of Pull Out Pusher Trays for Cigarettes

→ Easy-Stak Assembly Instructions

Additional information


26 & 3/8 inches


14 & 5/8 inches


14 inches



Pushers per Row


Display Capacity

200 packs


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